Travel Day

20120904-151458.jpgThe sky was grey over New Jersey this morning but it was not a big issue since the plane quickly left Newark airport (apparently it DOES happen some time) and we met the blue sky soon.

This is travel day, IBC 2012 for me begins on Thursday with the conference program so I have to get to Amsterdam on Wednesday. The only option are red eye flight. I hate those flights… I don’t sleep on plane and you arrive at destination always in bad shape.

I would say that I hate everything about flying nowadays (except speed) but red eyes are worst.

Still, some travel days are not as bad as others. Today has been good so far… did a good workout at my hotel before getting to Newark (helps when you are going to be stuck in a seat for hours), plane did leave on time and my connecting flight from Atlanta to Dusseldorf still shows on-time.

I was also upgraded to first class on my initial flight. That is good, I had a good meal with a good roast beef sandwich, fresh fruit, nice tiramisu and a glass of wine.

Later, on the long leg, they are presenting three movies I didn’t see, I am looking forward to see the “Avengers” mostly.

I rarely go to see movies in theatre anymore… I think the ambiance have degraded. This gives me more chances than before to have a movie I didn’t see on the plane. I prefer when planes have on-demand systems but this will do for today.

In Québec, it’s election day today, the results will be known while I’ll be over the Atlantic and my plane doesn’t have wifi yet. I’ll know the results in Europe… and the next day it will be IBC 2012…

Stay tuned!

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