SavardFaire.tv is the independent consulting service operated by media specialist Stéphanie Savard. Her leading edge media experience make her an extremely valuable contributor to any strategic projects.

Stéphanie has lead numerous project that has changed organisations and contributed to the evolution of the industry. Acting as Chief Scientist for Al Gore’s Current TV (now Al Jazeera America), she conceived the designed and built the network from scratch in collaboration with the senior management and system integrators. Building on the successful launch of Current in the USA, she then lead the effort to established the network in the UK and Italy. At it’s peaked, Current had operations in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, London, Milan and Rome. The work of Mrs Savard contributed to Current TV 2007 Emmy Award for Best Interactive Television Service.

Mrs Savard also led the transformation of Miranda Technologies from an interface to an infrastructure company that led it to become one of the top manufacturer in it’s field. As Director of software development she not only created the unit but designed the architecture of what became some of Miranda leading innovations the iControl management system and Kaleido multiviewers families. Both product families contributed to significant changes in the television and audiovisual industries.

Over the past few years, Stéphanie worked with computer vision scientists to help create technologies that can change the 3D market place. While information about that technology are not public yet and the 3D market has some more evolution to do, the results are something that you are likely to see in the next few years.

While Stéphanie have build most of her career in technology, she did start on the content side of the media. She has been journalist, reporter and host of radio and television programs. She also had leadership roles in programming departments and editor of a daily newspaper. These experience did help her greatly in understudying issues from a user’s perpective and led her to develop better products. Mrs Savard has studied in Computer Sciences and Management at McGill University and is available for projects worldwide. She frequently shares her toughs on the media and technology industries in the blog hosted here.


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