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    Information: You get what you pay for.

    by  • 2016/11/17 • Technology • 0 Comments

    According to recent reports, fake news are shared significantly more on Facebook than real news. That peace of information have created wide spread discussion, some even accusing Facebook to have contributed to the election of President Trump in the US by not providing tools to separate reality from false news. Personally, I don`t know...

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    What is television?

    by  • 2016/11/17 • Technology, Television, TV • 0 Comments

    With all the debates and discussion about how television is changing in an online world, I think that it is important to define what we mean by “Television”. A typical dictionary definition would read something like this: “The transmission of transient pictures by electronic means through a wire or though space, using electric or...

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    A new pipeline makes no sense.

    by  • 2016/01/27 • Technology, TV • 0 Comments

    TransCanada’s “Energy East” pipeline is a project estimated at $15 billion dollars that would convert an existing natural gas pipeline to one that carry oil and adding new sections for a total of 4 600 KM. The pipeline would run between the Canadian provinces of Alberta to New Brunswick. That would link the tar oil rich...

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