IBC “3D day”

Weather is definitivelly not great this morning in Amsterdam… colder a bit of rain (remnant of Hurricane Katia) so it was better to be in a conference room than outside.

And at least the morning session titled “Delivering 3D to the Audience” was one of the most fun so far, nice to kick off “3D Day” at IBC. While there was 3DTV session every day, there is a concentration of the best stuff today and it ends with extended preview of the 3D conversion of “Titanic” tonight.

That session was actually made more interesting by an unforeseen event, one of the scheduled speakers, Brian Lenz from BSkyB was missing in action after receiving an award yesterday night… they had a last minute replacement Mike Slee, a long-time director of IMAX movie and Director of the 3D documentary “Bugs”.

Mike Slee did explained that the “depth budget” on the various screens (IMAX, theatre, TV) was roughly the same, but what change is where you put the screen plane. In IMAX because of the parallax, most of the action is in front of the screen and you have to push it back for other presentation format.

Also, he pointed out that in his opinion, what has delay consumer adoption in 3DTV is the active shutter glasses. He said that he has a passive LG and that a “12 kids came to my house and they could all watch Avatar in 3D with RealD glasses they had from the theater… with active glasses, I would have to pay 1200 pound to do the same”.

Peter Fallon from Panasonic thinks that the 2012 Olympics will be the watershed event for 3DTV similar to what “Avatar” has been for theater.

I have more notes but I have to run to another session… more later!

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