IBC “3D Day”: Agree to disagree?

With rain and heavy wind outside, it was better to sit still and enjoy the various presentation on 3D today. I think the biggest consensus that we can find on 3D is that there is no consensus.

Some think that you should have an experience tailored to each type of screen you target (IMAX, Theater, TV, phones) some think that it does no matter. Some say your shooting style should be adapted to 3D some say the technology must adapt to your style. Some thinks that conversion is unacceptable some think it is if it is good quality (It cost $18 millions converting Titanic) and some thinks that you can do it cheaply with converters (I think those are in a minority at this point).

Does it matter that there is not one golden rule? After all, people were once advocating proper way to shoot 2D cinema and wave after wave of cinematographers did throw out the rulebook. At the end, it is a good sign that people try different things and the market will make it’s mind.

Some say that the fact that the consumer electronics manufacturers did try to sell TV with cheap built-in converters was a mistake and did a diservise  to the 3D market. Also, they say that the people in stores are not well trained and don’t sell it properly. Maybe saying it won’t solve anything and it may actually be a business opportunity? I remember Steve Jobs saying that the Apple product were badly sold in computer and electronics store and that what gave birth to the hugely succesful “Apple Store” chain.

So what if people don’t agree? What do you think?

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