The end of the Olbermann’s era on Current TV

2012/03/31 | By Stéphanie Maude Savard | 3 Comments | Filed in: Television.

I usually comment more on the technical aspects of the television business than on content. However, I think the case of Keith Olbermann is an interesting example to illustrate some parts of today’s distribution business. I have been associated with Current TV from the early days (9 months before it’s launch) until mid 2009. I have • Read More »

Titanic 3D will make waves in the Stereo 3D space

2012/03/28 | By Stéphanie Maude Savard | No Comments | Filed in: CBS, Television, TV.

Titanic 3D will be release this coming Tuesday and is sure to make some wave in the Stereo 3D industry. I haven’t saw the final result yet but I have seen 18 minutes back in September and a friend saw the completed version last Saturday. I can tell you that it is a milestone. Titanic • Read More »

NAB 2012 in a month!

2012/03/12 | By Stéphanie Maude Savard | No Comments | Filed in: NAB, TV.

For all people involved in the technical aspects of professional television, the annual National Association of Broadcasters Convention (NAB) is the key event of the year. The show is massive and the numbers only tell part of the story: Over 90 thousand attendees; more than 1600 exhibitors; an exhibit floor  with over 850,000 square feet of • Read More »

Facebook because “circles” and privacy don’t matter

2012/01/31 | By Stéphanie Maude Savard | No Comments | Filed in: Technology, TV.

Hard not to talk about Facebook this week. The rise of Facebook had been nothing short of spectacular and even movies have been made about it. In that context, it’s hard to say something original and I was thinking about skipping the subject altogether. However, I have been seeing the ads from Google promoting their • Read More »

Is there such a thing as “native” 3D in Stereo 3D?

2012/01/23 | By Stéphanie Maude Savard | No Comments | Filed in: CBS, Television, TV.

A subject that I often stumble upon in various articles, conferences and comments is the question of content being “native 3D” and this is often used in opposition to converted content. First, let’s clarify the question of “native 3D”. I think that the usage in this context is abusive and that it is a bias • Read More »

3DTV without glasses?

2012/01/16 | By Stéphanie Maude Savard | 2 Comments | Filed in: CBS, Television, TV.

The question of glasses required to watch 3DTV has been a recurring one for quite some time and it still seem to bother some people. One thing that is fundamental in understanding the issue is that the current generation of 3D (on television but also in theatre) is not the same 3D as you perceive • Read More »

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YouTube wants you to spend more time there

2012/01/09 | By Stéphanie Maude Savard | No Comments | Filed in: Technology, Television, TV.

Just read an interesting article about YouTube in the New Yorker and it makes be comes back to one my favorite subject: Distribution. According to that paper, YouTube is in the process to launch what they call “YouTube Original Channels” and what strikes me is that it is basically the same model that has been used • Read More »

IBC “3D Day”: Agree to disagree?

2011/09/12 | By Stéphanie Maude Savard | No Comments | Filed in: Television.

With rain and heavy wind outside, it was better to sit still and enjoy the various presentation on 3D today. I think the biggest consensus that we can find on 3D is that there is no consensus. Some think that you should have an experience tailored to each type of screen you target (IMAX, Theater, • Read More »

IBC “3D day”

2011/09/12 | By Stéphanie Maude Savard | No Comments | Filed in: Television, TV.

Weather is definitivelly not great this morning in Amsterdam… colder a bit of rain (remnant of Hurricane Katia) so it was better to be in a conference room than outside. And at least the morning session titled “Delivering 3D to the Audience” was one of the most fun so far, nice to kick off “3D • Read More »