Titanic 3D will make waves in the Stereo 3D space

Titanic 3D will be release this coming Tuesday and is sure to make some wave in the Stereo 3D industry. I haven’t saw the final result yet but I have seen 18 minutes back in September and a friend saw the completed version last Saturday.

I can tell you that it is a milestone. Titanic 3D is a conversion, one that was very well done (with $19 millions, 2 years and 300 technicians). They did not go with the typical 3D “gimmicks” such as objects coming close to the audience in “negative” space (in front of the screen) but they did use a lot of depth behind the screen. In scenes where the boat is sinking you see inside scenes with long corridors with the water coming in and you really feel the huge depth. It had to the realism of it and you feel like you are right there looking through a window.

There is off course some little aberrations but certainly not more than even the best stereo 3D movies that have been camera acquired. The 3D experience is really well used and really convincing, miles better than the Star Wars 3D release.

There has been so many conversion that have given a bad reputation to conversion due to poor expertise, budget too low, too little time to do things right or bad artistic choices that I am convinced that Titanic 3D represent a major milestone. This will show that it is possible to do something as good or better than camera acquired content.

Don’t get me wrong here, I think that camera acquired are perfectly justified and desirable and is very good when people have the right tools and the right expertise. But I am also convinced that conversion is a solution that is as valid given also the right budget, tools and expertise. The industry was waiting for a milestone such as Titanic 3D and this is happening next week.


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