• All Head Hunters are Parasites?

    by  • 2014/03/01 • 6 Comments

    I am beginning a new blog series today about jobs, work and the technology sector. I published an blog entry last year call So…I am overqualified which generated significant reactions and that inspired me do this series. I have been the hiring manager for well over 100 positions in my 30 year career. With an...

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    What is social media anyway?

    by  • 2013/11/09 • 0 Comments

    Fundamentally, the distribution has always been the key of the media business. “Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one” was once said by A. J. Liebling, but the truth is, owning a press without the means to distribute your paper doesn’t have a lot of meaning. The Internet have...

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    Innovation in older organizations

    by  • 2013/06/24 • 0 Comments

    I am sure it’s something that you have observe yourself: A new company appears and brings innovation to the marketplace. If the innovation is successful, their innovation is adopted by the marketplace, the organization grows and with time, it becomes less and less innovative. Over ten years ago, the CEO of an organization where...

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    So… I am overqualified!

    by  • 2013/06/18 • 3 Comments

    I have been working on a project for an LA startup for the last three years. On the technical side (my responsibility), I was able to deliver more than what I thought possible to date, so everything looked good. The problem? Well, it was linked with 3D for the home and that market has...

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    3D at home: The mirage

    by  • 2013/06/17 • 0 Comments

    With ESPN announcing it’s plan to shut down it’s 3D channel at the end of the year, it becomes clearer that 3D at home will be a missed opportunity. Without a serious sports channel, it is not possible to built a “3D tier” at the distributors’ level and without that there will be no...

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