• 2020 The End Of Television

    by  • 2015/01/02 • 2 Comments

    I have written a book! Well, almost. In the fall of 2013, I set out to write a book about the future of television and how it would evolve in the next few years. I wrote and formatted most of it. However, english is not my native language and before publishing it, I wanted...

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    NAB 2014: 4K, HEVC and Internet

    by  • 2014/04/07 • 0 Comments

    The real NAB Show began this morning in Las Vegas by a beautiful sunny day. The “real” because that was the first morning of the exhibit. The conference program began on Saturday but for me, the main interest of NAB is the exhibit as the conference program seems to always be less interesting than...

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    NAB 2014: The Inflection Point

    by  • 2014/04/05 • 0 Comments

    The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) convention has opened with it’s conference program today (the exhibition starts on Monday). I think that this year’s edition is happening at a very significant time; this is the year when the networking technology has reach a point where it can compete favorably with the dedicated infrastructure. This...

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    Avid moves to the Salesforce.com model

    by  • 2014/04/05 • 0 Comments

    Usually, my annual presence to the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) convention begins on Sunday.  That day, I generally attend the key press conference, that gives me the chance to know what the large players in the broadcast market are focusing on before the show floor opens on Monday. This year, I got to...

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    Miranda becomes Grass Valley

    by  • 2014/04/04 • 0 Comments


    Just in time for NAB 2014, Belden did announce that both of their professional video manufacturers Miranda and Grass Valley will be known as the “New Grass Valley”. The new merged organisation will retain the Miranda purple but the Grass Valley name. This was to be expected as it makes sense to keep the...

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    So Long, Harris Broadcast

    by  • 2014/03/18 • 0 Comments

    I had a long history with Harris Broadcast. My first summer job when I was 15 back in 1980 was a radio host in an eastern Canada radio station. I was doing my own technical operation with an Harris mono console with large rotary knobs and playing records with heavy-duty Harris turntable. Harris has...

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    Quantel acquires Snell

    by  • 2014/03/13 • 3 Comments

    A Quantel Pablo in action. Image provided by Quante Limitedl

    In a not so surprising move, Quantel did announced the acquisition of Snell today. In a news release, the company is of course very upbeat about it qualifying it of a “new force in media technology”. Well, I am not sure I’ll be that quick to say that. Is combining two companies that have...

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