Better to Reign in Hell than Serve…in Hell!

I was responding to a colleague from my time at Current TV last week. He had forwarded me an email from a recruiter and from the description it was pretty clear that it was a job at Direct TV.

Now, I have nothing against Direct TV but really, I think I am through working for large organizations. The best time I had in any work I have done is when I had significant influence in small organisation or early stage startups. Once the place begin to be at a significant size, your individual input becomes increasingly insignificant. Not the end of the world off course, one can still be happy just earning money for a routine work, but it is not as stimulating. That said, my experience is the bigger the organization, the more politics and meetings become the center stage of your day and this is what I consider hell.

So… well, trying to build my own business is hell. It’s a lot of time and work, often for not much results and an elusive payout… but at least, this is MY hell, not the one that someone has created for me!

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