IBC 2011 begins with Social Media in mind

A grey beginning to my IBC 2011 today. When I walked out of the Keynote session (featuring Joanna Shields from Facebook) I had a glimpse at rare sunshine rays in an otherwise grey sky.

Unfortunately, there was no such occasional sun rays in the grey keynote session. The discussion about Facebook and television didn’t bring anything new to table. After more than 25 years of working professionally in this industry I am still amazed on how slow the people working in electronic media understand changes.

Seriously, Facebook is not news and yet a large part of the audience still don’t understand it and a lot of the people asking question probably don’t even have an account (or they ask their assistant to do it for them).

This probably explain why Social Media are center stage here, they hear about it everywhere and hope they can understand it some day. What they want to understand of course is how they can use it to make money while their revenue are fading. The discussion was all about number of users, advertising dollars and shares of revenue.

The next session is titles “How Wikileaks, Facebook and Twitter Changesd news forever”… the premise is not very inspiring in itself… forever is a long time!

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