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    Yelp as an anti-brand hero

    by  • 2010/08/15 • Technology, TV • 0 Comments

    I made a quick trip to Charlevoix last week. Without much planning, we needed to stop to eat a quick bite on the road. Although, generally, I prefer to eat at good independent restaurants, the lack of time and planning made me want to consider a chain restaurant. A large chain restaurant is a...

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    About vision, execution and spins

    by  • 2010/07/19 • Technology, TV • 0 Comments

    Competition is harsh is the world today. Especially if you are in the technology space where borders have a lot less meaning today that it use to. You have to compete globally, with regional specificity (language, culture, regulations…) acting as a delaying factor. Having a great vision is a definitive must have of course,...

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