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    Miranda becomes Grass Valley

    by  • 2014/04/04 • NAB • 0 Comments

    Just in time for NAB 2014, Belden did announce that both of their professional video manufacturers Miranda and Grass Valley will be known as the “New Grass Valley”. The new merged organisation will retain the Miranda purple but the Grass Valley name. This was to be expected as it makes sense to keep the...

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    So Long, Harris Broadcast

    by  • 2014/03/18 • Television • 0 Comments

    I had a long history with Harris Broadcast. My first summer job when I was 15 back in 1980 was a radio host in an eastern Canada radio station. I was doing my own technical operation with an Harris mono console with large rotary knobs and playing records with heavy-duty Harris turntable. Harris has...

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    Quantel acquires Snell

    by  • 2014/03/13 • CBS, Television • 3 Comments

    In a not so surprising move, Quantel did announced the acquisition of Snell today. In a news release, the company is of course very upbeat about it qualifying it of a “new force in media technology”. Well, I am not sure I’ll be that quick to say that. Is combining two companies that have...

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    What is social media anyway?

    by  • 2013/11/09 • Technology • 0 Comments

    Fundamentally, the distribution has always been the key of the media business. “Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one” was once said by A. J. Liebling, but the truth is, owning a press without the means to distribute your paper doesn’t have a lot of meaning. The Internet have...

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    Innovation in older organizations

    by  • 2013/06/24 • Technology, TV • 0 Comments

    I am sure it’s something that you have observe yourself: A new company appears and brings innovation to the marketplace. If the innovation is successful, their innovation is adopted by the marketplace, the organization grows and with time, it becomes less and less innovative. Over ten years ago, the CEO of an organization where...

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