NAB 2012 Sunday: Press events marathon

    by  • 2012/04/16 • NAB, TV • 0 Comments

    “Press events” remains a tradition at the annual National Association of Broadcasters convention. It’s not a place where you actually learn a lot. Today with the Internet, it’s easy enough to get all the PR material (press releases, brochures, video) and know all about the announcements. In the past, when communication was harder, it...

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    NAB 2012 in a month!

    by  • 2012/03/12 • NAB, TV • 0 Comments

    For all people involved in the technical aspects of professional television, the annual National Association of Broadcasters Convention (NAB) is the key event of the year. The show is massive and the numbers only tell part of the story: Over 90 thousand attendees; more than 1600 exhibitors; an exhibit floor  with over 850,000 square feet...

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    NAB 2011: OLED finally!

    by  • 2011/04/19 • NAB, TV • 0 Comments

    In professional television one of the most important thing is to be able to know how your product really look. The closest we had to be able to see the picture with a minimum of artifacts was CRTs Monitor. However, for half a decades, professional grade CRTs have basically disappeared and there was nothing...

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    Fear as a marketing tool?

    by  • 2011/01/11 • NAB, TV • 0 Comments

    If you are a regular of the social media scene, you have surely cam across those campaign that ask you to repost a quote on you Facebook profile. One of my Facebook friend recently posted this: “There’s a site called spokeo.com that’s a new online USA phone book with your personal info:everything from pics...

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