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    NAB 2014: The Inflection Point

    by  • 2014/04/05 • NAB, TV • 0 Comments

    The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) convention has opened with it’s conference program today (the exhibition starts on Monday). I think that this year’s edition is happening at a very significant time; this is the year when the networking technology has reach a point where it can compete favorably with the dedicated infrastructure. This...

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    Innovation in older organizations

    by  • 2013/06/24 • Technology, TV • 0 Comments

    I am sure it’s something that you have observe yourself: A new company appears and brings innovation to the marketplace. If the innovation is successful, their innovation is adopted by the marketplace, the organization grows and with time, it becomes less and less innovative. Over ten years ago, the CEO of an organization where...

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